The importance of nursery rhymes

Learning age: Kids start learning from the time when they are in the womb of their mothers. When they come to this world, their learning phase in practical life gets started off. When they grow up a little, most of the parents in Dubai start sending their children to nurseries. Children are supposed to learn basic thing at such places. They learn to interact with kids from different background and learn some healthy activities. If you want to enroll your kids; you better start searching for the best nursery in Barsha. One of the most entertaining things kids learn is nursery poems.

What are nursery poems? Kids are taught many poems or songs at this level. These are called nursery poems. Some of these poems are so traditional and old that you may have learnt them in your childhood and now your kid is learning the same. To attract children the lyrics of these little poems are rhyming and set in a lovely tune, this make them very enjoyable to little kids. If they like the tune they tend to learn them faster. But there is a secret purpose hidden in these poems. They develop mind skills in kids at very early age when they start memorizing it, understanding the meaning of it. Plus, they are most effective tool for teaching kids counting skills and enhance vocabulary. And at some nurseries to develop motor skills of children they teach actions and dances on these poems.

Almost every child in this world grows up listening to some common poems or melodious songs. The poem or tune stays in their minds for the rest of their life. They are passed down as a legacy from parents to kid or teacher to pupil. However the most famous ones are in English language. Some of famous poems you can sing to your infant are following:

  • Twinkle twinkle little star
  • Mary had a little Lamb
  • Jack & Jill
  • Sing a song of six pence

Including these there are so many other cute rhymes. You can find a well reputed nursery in Arabian Ranches, Dubai or any corner of the UAE and they will make your kids learn these poems in a best way. These are very necessary for growth of your kids as they have a cathartic effect on their minds. Through them, children learn to solve their psychological issues very smartly. In last, these short poems are source of delight yet informative for kids all over the world.