The different types of dances that you can learn

There are a number of benefits that you can avail by opting to learn dancing. If anything, it can seriously help you out with stress and weight issues along with hormonal imbalances. If dancing is something that you are interested in, then there are countless dance schools and academies out there that offer classes like hip hop dancing and ballroom dance lessons in Dubai. Yes, you can learn just about any dance form that you are interested in at these schools. The different forms of dance are:



If you are interested in a dance form that is known for its graceful and slow dance moves, then the waltz is the perfect pick for you. The waltz is meant to be performed with a partner and is the perfect choice for ball room dancing on a solo tune that highlights affection between the partners. Introduced back in the early 1990s, the dance form is famous across the world now and is a part of all wedding dance classes in Dubai.


Swing on Jazz

As an American and African dancing style, this form of dancing was initially introduced in the early 1920s. It was soon after its introduction that it became famous in other regions too. The dance form is particularly known for its outstandingly elegant body movements with glamour and attitude.


Famous across the world, the Kathak and Indian classical dance is a particular favorite amongst many. This particular form of dance is largely taken to be the basic of dancing for children and youngsters belonging to the South Asian region. In the Hindu religion, it is considered as being a holy dance form and is performed as a means to please the Gods during religious festivities.



This form of dance is famous for being very rhythmic and energetic. The one thing for sure is that this form of dance requires great coordination among partners. While there are lots of feet movements involved in the dance steps, there are fast and slow spacing steps involved too.


This is basically a Caribbean dance that has gained immense popularity amongst people around the world. It was originated back in the 1970s from the chachacha dance form. Later on, it was adopted by other regions and dancing industries. The movements in this dance form are extremely energetic and need to be performed with great flexibility.