Important Questions You Need To Ask Your Interior Designer

The work of an interior designer is essential to a project. They provide a much-needed design guidance when building and constructing a space. Without their skills and expertise, a space would look dull and uninteresting.


Which is why it is necessary for clients to find the right person to get the job done. However, the process of finding the right one can confusing and taxing. To help you narrow down your lists, be sure to ask these questions and evaluate their answers base on your requirements:


  1. What is your design philosophy?


The design philosophy mainly about what the designer is trying to accomplish with his/her design and what is the purpose of their design. The reason why you need to know this is because you need to know if their design philosophy is aligned with yours. If you are in the same page, design-wise, it is easier for both of you to collaborate.


  1. What kind of projects you take?


Experts in commercial and residential interior design in Dubai have their signature look. You can tell this through their portfolios. But a truly excellent interior designer has the capacity to veer away from their specialization and work on different styles and requirement to satisfy the needs of the client. By knowing what kind of projects the interior designer take, you can tell if he/she is flexible enough to take on and handle your project.


  1. How you handle a design crisis?


An interior designer is not just there to provide a design and let others do the rest. Most of the time, he/she handles a team to execute the design he/she provided. And probably during the execution, he/she will encounter several design problems that he/she needs to resolve. You need to know if your prospective interior designer can handle different situations wherein he/she will have to make necessary adjustments with the agreed design.


  1. Do you have a team to execute the design?


Interior design firms today most probably already have a team of builders who they trust to execute the design. You need to ask the competency of their people. The interior designer might be able to provide an excellent design, but it is up to the builders to turn it into a reality. You need to ensure that their team is capable enough to make this happen.


  1. How much the project will cost?


Probably the biggest elephant in the room is the budget. Talking about money might make you cringe but you need to settle this beforehand. Having an agreed budget would help the designer to design a space fit for the allotted funds and he/she can provide suggestions on how to execute it without going overboard.


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